University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) was surely like red and white ocean, Thursday (6/9). How not, for the total of 6.655 new students were widely spread into 10 faculties in undergraduate and even in post graduate as well as foreign students wearing red and white outfit at hand. They stood in line for ceremony at helipad UMM since 6 am to follow Pesmaba (New Students’ Orientation) opening ceremony. Particularly, it was the biggest Pesmaba ever after.

Pesmaba ceremony was headed by Pagdam (a military area commander) V Brawijaya Mayjen TNI Murdjito. “Therefore, the grand ceremony uses military concept including its attribute,” said the Chief of Pesmaba Committee M. Sobri.

Rector Dr. Muhadjir Effendy stated, this year, UMM accepted a lot more new students then the previous ones. Beside there was a surge number of the applicants, it was due to some departments had a little less fulfilled its quota.

“Number of applicants raises more than 12,000 people whereas there is no possibility to accept whole applicant. Thus, the students who has been accepted here should keep on achieving their performance and do not trifle away this chance in which the one who were not accepted wanting this all,” explained the Rector in front of 2000 new students’ parents on Silaturahim with UMM Leaders agenda, Wednesday (9/5).

Furthermore, like the previous years, today UMM also admit foreign students from various countries such as Australia, United States, Timor Leste, Hungaria, Egypt, France, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Myanmar, and Ukraine. Other than to take regular programs, they also got peculiar program such as ACICIS and Darmasiswa.

Next, Sobri explained, the theme of Pesmaba this year was “Student Today Leader Tomorrow”. The theme had a spirit to motivate the students that they were the next generation in leadership. “So that, the characteristic value of nation, character, and leadership is given the biggest focus,” said Sobri.
Pesmaba would last for four days until Sunday (9/9). The General Chaiman of PP Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin and the Former Minister of National Education Prof H.A Malik Fadjar would deliver their speech in the stadium general. While in the closing ceremony, the National Minister of Education and Culture Prof Dr M. Nuh was scheduled to close this agenda as well as declaring formally that the new students would have been recognized fully as The Students of University of Muhammadiyah Malang.


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